NEW HIP (High Intensity Power) Pilates — Pilates Body Aligned

HIP Pilates® is aimed at raising your heart rate and improving overall functionality, strength, mobility and stamina.

HIP Pilates® 50 (because 50 minutes is enough) is a non-stop class intended for the hard core Pilates fan, who desire a more intense cardio workout without losing the essence of the Pilates principles.
Each session is specifically structured to provide an all over body workout. Progressive choreography is incorporated to improve balance and co-ordination. The inclusion of precise functional movement aims to improve overall strength and mobility. The use of weights promises to increase cardio endurance and recovery.
This combination of high energy, up-beat movement with the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates class creates a balanced and fun workout for everyone.


Class runs Every Monday with Corali at 1pm at the Pilates Body Aligned Studio 

Price £9 per class drop in or £8 per class half term upfront payment