Joint venture Studio Owners: Zoisa and Corali

Joint venture Studio Owners: Zoisa and Corali

The Pilates Body Aligned Studio is a Partnership venture between Zoisa Holder and Corali Sacerdote. The Studio was founded in 2014, and has recently moved to beautiful premises at Mendip Court, South Horrington.

The Studio offers Pilates Mat work group sessions, Private sessions, reformer and other studio equipment, plus some fitness/dance classes. We also offer therapies such as Sports Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology, Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.


  • Group classes:beginner to intermediate levels

  • One to One sessions

  • Two to one sessions

  • Reformer sessions

  • High Intensity Power Pilates

  • MOTR (movement on the roller) classes

  • Rehabilitation sessions

  • Yoga

Fitness, Dance,Yoga

2014-01-13 22.19.32.jpg
  • Zumba Dance

  • Ugi Fitness

  • Vinyasa Yoga